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Jewels from the Nile were first introduced to the higher chakras through essential oils. While attending a retreat in Cairo, Egypt, we met a renowned fifth-generation perfumer who grew up in an area adjacent to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Since childhood, he developed spiritual abilities and lived some years in the Sinai, where he learned from the Bedouins- He became the "Healer from the Heart." Hardly anyone knows more about healing work with oils, aromatherapy, and the mystery of the "Sacred Oils of Egypt."

He freely shared his wisdom with us, and we would like to share his insight on the 7 Chakras with you.  


Chakra literally translates as "wheel" in Sanskrit and describes the body's seven "spinning "energy centers,


The Chakra has three main functions:

  1. To vitalize the spiritual body and the physical body.
  2. To open different aspects of our consciousness.
  3. To transfer energy and information between the spiritual body and the physical body.


The Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura


Balancing and clearing the solar plexus chakra is crucial if we want to reach higher consciousness. The solar plexus chakra powers our willpower and self-esteem and rules our overall sense of satisfaction with life. The Solar Plexus chakra represents our personal abilities and influences our personal and professional success.


Color: Yellow


Location: Just above the navel


Scent: Grapefruit


Ingredients: (Epsom Salts), Baking Soda, (Coconut) Oil, (Grape) Seed Oil, (Sweet Almond) Oil, Essential Oil 



8oz - Bath soak

One Citrine Crystal 



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Planting the Seeds of Enlightenment

Our reason for existence is to plant the seeds of consciousness and enlightenment by collective spiritual awakening. Keeping in mind, the root to satisfaction, the immense need for pleasure and ease, Jewels from the Nile is here to pour tranquility and essence of peace to your soul. If you are in need to lessen the burdens on your souls, the depression that haunts you, the fears that chase you, we are here to provide you relief, making spirituality the center of your well-being.

Jewels from the Nile

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