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Wisdom | Insight | Clairvoyance   


Carefully crafted for pineal gland (aka) 3rd Eye activation. The Third Eye-Chakra often symbolizes a state of enlightenment and plays a role in our spiritual development & communication with spiritual beings. It rules our inner sight and shows our spiritual maturity.

People who have their “3rd Eye” wholly opened can read the Akashic Chronicles.  

How to Use:  Generously, frequently and with clear intention


-Set your intention before you step into the shower; it can be something specific or a   feeling you'd like to experience.

-After you have stepped into the shower, place both hands on the showerhead and bless the water. 


-Wet skin and bar, as you lather up, visualize the water washing away all that no longer serves you, so you can attract more of what you really need. 


Mantra: “OM” / “AUM”

Remember, this is your practice; do what feels good to you!



Jewels from the Nile Bar Soaps are made with herbs and essential oils. It is believed that soaps scented with herbs and floral essential oils inherit the spiritual significance of each herb and oil used.

Our bars last several weeks with daily use offering plenty of time to manifest your intention!

Smells Like: Rich decadent, earthy, somewhat sweet, and addictive.

Ingredients: (Vegan, All Natural) Saponified organic oils (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Water, Frankincense Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Peru Balsam, Patchouli Oil, Vetiver Oil, Amyris Oil, Myrrh Oil, Sage.

Size: 4oz Bar

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