Are you feeling like someone's watching you? Protect yourself with the Evil Eye Charm, a powerful talisman that brings gleaming protection and good luck. The 'evil eye' is a malevolent glare believed to cause misfortune or injury to the unaware. Many cultures use talismans like the Evil Eye to ward off negativity and protect against the jealous gaze.

 Wear this symbol of protection to keep the evil eye at bay and bring positivity into your life.


  • Incorporates the power of ancient symbolism and modern style.
  • Handcrafted to bring you the highest quality and spiritual benefit.
  • A tool for spiritual growth
  • Rose Gold-Tone necklace
  • Approximately 18 inches in length, perfect for everyday wear 
  • A thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one
  • A stylish and meaningful addition to your jewelry collection


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