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We have carefully crafted Good Vibes bar soap to assist you in discovering and awakening aspects of yourself. We can access our most profound truths and hidden knowledge through our higher selves. It is your connection to your unconscious, and it's the part of you that judgments or prejudices have not wounded.

Your "Higher Self" is YOU, the best part of you.

Developing a solid relationship with your higher self allows you to move forward in the right direction. This connection will enable you to answer life's questions such as "What should I do in this situation?" or "Am I in a healthy relationship?"
Your higher self-knows, ask.

How to Use:

 -Generously, frequently and with clear intention
-Set your intention before you step into the shower; it can be something specific or a feeling you'd like to experience.
-After you have stepped into the shower, place both hands on the showerhead and bless the water.
-Wet skin and bar, as you lather up, visualize the water washing away all that no longer serves you, so you can attract more of what you really need.


Mantra: I am so much more; I am one with source 

Remember, this is your practice; do what feels good to you!

Smells Like: A delightfully sweet floral treat. A special essential oil blend of sweet chamomile, neroli and petitgrain.

Ingredients: (Vegan, All Natural, Aloe) Saponified oils of organic (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter), Water, Chamomile German Essential Oil, Chamomile Roman Essential Oil, Aloe Vera

Size: 4oz Bar

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