The Merkaba symbol is formed by two intersecting tetrahedrons that create a star shape, spinning in opposite directions to create a 3-dimensional energy field. Through practiced meditation and breathing techniques, some believe you can activate this vehicle of light around your own body.

Ancient Jewish texts reveal that the word Merkaba is the Hebrew word for a chariot and is found in the Old Testament a total of 44 times. The Merkaba is believed to provide protection and unlock spiritual transformation.


  • The Merkaba symbol has been used for centuries by spiritual practitioners for its ability to enhance their meditative practice and connect with higher realms of consciousness.


  • It is said to help with the activation of the eye chakra, encouraging you to access higher dimensions and embrace unconditional love.


  • It is believed that activating the Merkaba can facilitate communication with the divine and provide a pathway to access higher wisdom and understanding.


  • The Merkaba is also said to offer spiritual protection, shielding the practitioner from negative energies and entities.


  • By working with the Merkaba, individuals may gain greater clarity, creativity, and insight into their lives and purpose.


  • This beautiful Merkaba bracelet can serve as a daily reminder of the spiritual journey and connection to the divine, helping to align the wearer with their highest self.


This bracelet is a unisex design with a size of approximately 7.5 inches and features hand-strung 8mm beads.


Wear it as a reminder of the power and potential of your own consciousness.

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