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Shungite is an extremely ancient stone, and many believe that it carries the imprint of the time when the Earth was first formed. This crystal can help with transformation on an energetic level through its ability to block negative vibrations and to clear out mental and emotional pollutants. Shungite transforms water into a biologically active life-enhancing substance while at the same time removing harmful microorganisms.


Hematite has a strong vibration aligned to the Base chakra. It anchors you to the Earth and grounds your soul energy down into your physical body. It helps with transformation work on the emotions by releasing old patterns and bringing old wounds or negative experiences to the surface so that they can be addressed and healed.


As a crystal for transformation and growth Amethyst is unparalleled. It is aligned with the Third Eye chakra, and thus encourages spiritual growth and development through facilitating connection with your intuition and inner wisdom. Amethyst enhances spirituality and psychic ability when used in meditation.


Citrine is a stone for transformation in all things. It has a high vibration that is especially useful when you are looking to transform your physical reality. It brings the energy and motivation needed for making significant life changes. It can also support you in transforming any negative thoughts or self-talk that may be hampering your development.


Rhodonite is a good choice for spiritual and emotional transformation and growth. It is said to show both sides of any situation and to ground your energy so that you feel confident and safe to change or move forward. If you are interested in spiritual growth through astral travel or shamanic journeying, Rhodonite is said to protect the body and allow the soul to return without mishap.

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