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Angelite is one the stones for the “new age.” When you wear it or use it on your Throat chakra you may find that you are more open to new ideas and to the truth of who you really are – a being of light within a physical body.

 Lapis Lazuli

Lapis can activate and stimulate the Throat chakra when it is blocked. This chakra becomes constricted or blocked when we hold our words inside instead of speaking out for what we believe in. A necklace of this lovely crystal can help to keep the energies of your Throat open and flowing freely.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate has a soothing, gentle vibration that is ideal for calming an over-active Throat chakra. Whether you feel that you speak too much through nervousness, or because you desperately want to be heard, your Throat chakra can quickly become unbalanced through over-activity. This crystal helps to calm the energies and bring them back into balance


Amazonite supports and strengthens the energies of the Throat chakra allowing you to engage in loving and compassionate communication without fear or judgement.

It also soothes emotional trauma and allows you to express yourself freely.


This stone is most often used on the lower chakras for grounding purposes. However, it can be extremely effective when used to cleanse and clear the Throat chakra of the effects of lies and deceit. Even white lies affect the purity of your aura, so allow this stone to disperse the effects of your own lies on your energy field.

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