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Caribbean Calcite

Calcite is an excellent stress reliever. Simply having Caribbean calcite in the room clears the atmosphere of negative energies and heightens your energy. If your anxiety centers around emotional connections with others, try carrying or wearing this crystal to remind you that your intellect and your emotions are intimately connected, and you are emotionally intelligent.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace agate has a soft, calming energy that is both soothing and cooling. It is ideal for bringing a sense of tranquility during times of stress and anxiety. It is especially healing for the Throat chakra and gently activates it so that you can express your hopes, fears, and desires clearly and effectively.


Use rhodonite if your stress and anxiety centers around social situations. Its calming, grounding energy encourages feelings of brotherhood and co-operation. It can help with resolving disagreements due to its ability to help you to see both sides of any situation.


Use Sodalite to bring order and discipline to scattered and anxious thoughts in order to alleviate unnecessary worries and stress. It has a strong resonance with truth on all levels and allows you to escape from intellectual bondage. It helps you to separate what is real from what is only perceived or assumed, making it an excellent balancing stone for anxious situations.


This is an extremely soothing stone. It helps to align the physical body with the etheric and is good for alleviating the physical manifestations of stress, such as headache, racing heart and dry mouth.

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