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This crystal is said to impart mental and emotional strength. It has a powerful vibration for earthing and aids meditation and spiritual development. In its green variety it is known as “infinite stone” with a tender, gentle vibration that brings you into alignment with the angelic realms. It is said to bring strength to your convictions and to your faith.

Leopard Skin Jasper

This form of Jasper forms a bridge into the deepest mysteries of duality and strengthens the intuition and inner voice. It allows you to access your own hidden wisdom from past lives and to integrate it into your present knowledge. This brings great strength of character and the confidence needed to assess any situation with clarity.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper is both joyful and potent. It resonates strongly with the Base chakra and with physical strength. It helps to overcome weakness in the skeletal and muscular systems and stimulates the flow of energy round the body’s meridians.

It is often used to strengthen and detoxify the circulatory system and to balance Yin and Yang energies in the etheric body.


Carnelian promotes strength in emotional and mental health as well as addressing weakness in the lower back and hips. It is a stone that is full of the Life Force and vitality we need to keep us strong in mind and body. It is believed to stimulate the metabolism and to assist in the uptake of oxygen from red blood cells.

Red Tiger Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye is used by many people to help overcome lethargy and physical exhaustion. It is said to speed up a slow metabolism and to increase a low sex drive. Because it combines Earth energies with the vitality of the sun, Red Tiger’s Eye is an excellent stone to carry when you need an extra boost of strength and stamina.

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