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Black Tourmaline

Use Black Tourmaline to protect you from the physical and emotional effects of generalized, unspecified anxiety and fear. It is one of the most grounding stones and keeps you firmly anchored to the healing energies of the Earth. It activates and stimulates your Base chakra, which governs your material safety and your sense of self.

Black Tourmaline is especially effective as a protection stone against electromagnetic smog, dispersing the potentially harmful emanations we are all exposed to through prolonged use of cell phones, computers, and other devices.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a “super stone” and a master healer. It provides protection on all levels for both the physical and the subtle bodies. It protects the aura against negative vibrations and disperses harmful or negative energies more quickly than other crystals.

Clear Quartz protects against radiation and dispels static electricity. Use it to keep your aura clear and to increase the flow of healing energy, or chi, throughout the meridians.

Red Jasper

Use Red Jasper to protect you against conditions affecting the circulatory systems and the liver. It has a powerful detoxifying effect on the systems of the physical body and keeps the subtle body clear of the triggers that can lead to the manifestation of many different physical illnesses.

Red Jasper can also be used as protection against electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper has a high, fine vibration that is ideal for use in spiritual work. If you are undertaking a venture such as entering your own Akashic records, or a shamanic journey, Yellow Jasper provides protection for both the soul and the physical body during these endeavors.

Yellow Jasper is also believed to provide protection during physical travel, ensuring a trouble- free trip wherever you are heading off to.


Citrine is an excellent stone for protection against lack of any kind. It is best known for its ability to generate abundance in financial matters and has been dubbed the “merchant’s stone” for this reason.

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