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Amethyst is a stone of great serenity. It carries a high spiritual vibration that brings calm and tranquility to troubled hearts and minds. When placed on the brow, amethyst allows you to draw comfort from spirit and from the benevolent healing energies all around you.


Rose Quartz

The gentle, nurturing vibration of Rose Quartz is extremely comforting during times of grief and bereavement. When placed near to the physical heart, Rose Quartz gently holds the energies of the Heart chakra in safety and security, teaching you that it is fine to let go and to express your grief through crying or any other way that seems right to you.



Labradorite is a reflective, highly iridescent stone and is credited with the power to bring light to the darkest of situations. It supports and comforts during the grieving process and encourages reflection into the depths of the soul. The beauty of Labradorite reminds us to cherish life whilst we can, and to accept that all things have their time and season.



The powers of Obsidian to reveal hidden truths can be beneficial during times of loss and bereavement as they remind us that loved ones never truly depart this life as long as we remember them. Obsidian grounds and comforts you, giving you the strength to deal with the pain of grief.


Clear Quartz 

As a master healer stone, Clear Quartz can be called upon during times of mental anguish to soothe and comfort.

Clear Quartz works on any condition by attuning its healing vibrations to the specific needs of the recipient. It sends healing wherever it is most needed, which makes it useful during times of grief or loss, when we are apt to feel lost and powerless.


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