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Malachite should only be used in its polished form as it can be toxic. It is a powerful stone that, used correctly, can bring an abundance of good luck and fortune to the user. Malachite is a protective stone that absorbs negative energies and pollutants, including unwanted thoughts and words from others.

Tiger’s Eye

This stone combines the energies of the sun with the healing vibrations of planet Earth. It has long been used by the peoples of Asia as a good luck talisman, bringing courage, strength, and protection to the wearer. It was traditionally used to ward off the influence of the “evil eye,” ill wishes and curses.

Peach Moonstone

This crystal has a gentle, soothing, and cooling vibration that takes the heat out of tricky situations. It alleviates frustration and rage, clearing the space so that all participants have access to good fortune.

Moonstone Rainbow

Rainbow Moonstone is regarded as a good luck stone for the new age. It has a feminine vibration that brings comfort and serenity to the wearer. This crystal can be used in Moon rituals to ensure success in your manifestation work.

Green Jade

Green Jade is much prized in the East as a stone of good luck, wisdom, and protection. It symbolizes purity and serenity in all things and is especially soothing for the nervous system. Green Jade is believed to keep the wearer from harm and to attract good luck and friendship.

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