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Use this crystal to inspire you when you are beginning a new creative project. This form of Jasper encourages seeking out new experiences and imparts a deep sense of calm when you need reassurance that what you are doing is right. Mookaite provides a useful balance between inner and outer experiences.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is aligned with the Sacral and Solar plexus chakras and carries a vibration of inspiration and creativity. Call upon this crystal if you are in the middle of a creative project but feel stuck, or if you need to increase your motivation to be creative.


Labradorite is said to calm an over-active mind and to energize the imagination, promoting new ideas and supporting new creative ventures. It holds you steady during the creation process and provides strength and steadfastness during times of change. Labradorite is believed to balance analysis and rational thinking with intuition and inner sight.


Sodalite is aligned with both the Third eye and the Throat chakras. It is good for boosting creativity through its ability to activate and cleanse the energies of the Throat chakra, allowing you to talk your ideas through in a meaningful way before you begin your creative projects.

Natural Citrine

Natural, or raw, Citrine, is a valuable ally when you need a boost of creative energy. It is one of the few crystals that never need cleansing, and its positive vibrations just keep on coming once you call upon them. If you need a creativity boost, or inspiration to begin a new creative project, keep a piece of raw Citrine near you as you work.

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