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Throughout your life, the one person you can always ultimately depend on is yourself. First Love Yourself is a flowery scented candle that hopes to bring the user clarity and peace. Hence, the candle intends to focus on the love that you owe yourself.



  • Nourish yourself to take care of your vessel, energy, and peace.
  • Express yourself and stay true to yourself. 
  • Respect yourself, make good decision and walk away from what doesn't serve you. 


Product Description:


First, Love Yourself carries the scent of coconut, lavender, and musk, radiating the vibe of clean energy, a pure home, and a relaxing environment.


F. L. Y crystal candle uses Tiger's Eye and Amethyst infusion to promote clarity and motivation.  While it effectively reduces stress in an individual, it is also a great office candle to keep your employees energized, clearheaded, and calm.


Crystals Description


You can find the following crystals and their infused energy in this candle.

  • Rose Quartz: The stone of purity opens the user's heart to promote love, self-love, inner healing, and peace, resulting in a calming state of mind.
  • Green Aventurine: Grounding and stability are the two main benefits of the stone, helping promote a clear state of mind.
  • Clear Quartz: The stone has the power to heal, restore, and deepen your energy. It is excellent to use other stones to promote serenity and clearness.
  • Rough Rose Quartz: The release of emotional blockages is remarkably achieved through this stone. It supports emotional health and balances our chakras to help deepen self-love.



  • I nourish my body with love. I provide it with care.

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