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Cosmic energy(prana) makes up the entirety of the Earth, including you!


It is important to remember that the Sun is our wellness. We vibrate when the Sun is out.


This is cosmic energy.


This energy is our purifier, our healer, and our true wellness.  Our body and mind are surrounded by an energy field nourished by cosmic energy. Cosmic energy enters our system through the chakras and supports the individual energy field of the body.

This positive energy helps heal the physical, mental, and spiritual self. Cosmic energy reduces negativity, aids in healing, and creates harmony in life.



  • Reduce negativity, heal, and create harmony in your life.
  • Maintain balance in your life
  • Reduce mental stress


Product Description: 

Energy Candle is a berry-scented candle that contains the benefits of several stones. The candle is ideal to use during meditation or to place in your space when you are relaxing.


Crystals Description: 

  • Black Onyx: is famous for absorbing and transforming negative energy into happiness, physical and emotional strength, and joy.
  • Sunstone: washes away any fear or stress, heightening intuition and increasing vitality. It is known for luck and good fortune.
  • Carnelian: is ideal for promoting calmness and dissipating anger in an individual. It also helps encourage passion in relationships, increasing happiness.
  • Red Jasper: A deep, beautiful color of red; the stone is a great helper in assisting individuals in grounding themselves.


The crystals can be cleaned and saved for personal use after burning the candle.


Affirmation: I am energized and ready to tackle the difficulties of the day.


Size: This 8oz berry-scented candle is the perfect fruity scent to remind yourself of summer.

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