Ceramic Tealight Warmer



Our beautiful ceramic candle warmer brings you a traditional fragrance with a modern touch. This mini oil burner has a small dish on top where you can add fragrant oil, wax melts, or charcoal to burn resin.


Once lit, it gently burns and releases aromatic scents that fill the entire space creating a soothing and inviting setting for your family and friends.



  • This mini oil burner comes in a compact size that can easily fit in any space. Measuring only 8.8cm in height, 7.5cm in diameter, and 8cm in base.  
  • Tealight Holder is made of glazed ceramic with a hollow-carved design, giving an artful appeal to your indoor space. Ideal for home/ office table/living room/bedroom decoration.
  • The essential oil burner has a beautiful cut-out star and floral patterns. The hollowed-out design allows tealight to go throughout. When glowing, it looks like many swaying flowers in your room.
  • Put a few drops of essential oil/burning oil into the bowl and light a small candle. Then, you are good to go. A narrower and deeper tray will increase the burning time of aroma oil.
  • For safety, it is strongly recommended to add some water to this essential oil burner before you heat essential oil, tea leaf, wax, or fragrant powder, to avoid ceramic cracking due to uneven heating.

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