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Relationships are a huge gamble. We often find ourselves in negative relationships, jobs, and situations that do not serve us. While staying in these situations might feel comfortable, we must let go and move on from such toxicity to open ourselves up to the abundance the universe sends our way.


Boy, Bye hopes to improve our judgment in such matters by helping us get in tune with our emotions, provide mental clarity, to protect and ground us.


 Hence, the intention should be to:

  • To let go of relationships that no longer serve.
  • To think with clarity rather than emotions.
  • To protect ourselves from future mistakes and trust our intuition.


Product Description:


Boy, Bye reminds us how we should choose ourselves before anyone else. The candle is a beautiful combination of a sweet grape aroma and a cold bubbly. It is an ideal fragrance of Pink Champagne mixed with blue glitter for a radiant look and infused with the benefits of several crystals.


Crystals Description:


The candle's beauty and benefit come from:


  • Unakite: This stone helps open the third-eye chakra that provides balance, grounding, and a better understanding of oneself. In relationships, it can be a great indicator of good and bad energy.
  • Red Jasper: This stone is ideal for promoting passion in relationships. But it also dramatically helps to keep yourself realistic and protect yourself from toxic, damaging relationships.
  • Clear Quartz: The stone is well known for enhancing mental clarity. It promotes emotional understanding and stability and helps an individual better recognize the difference between lust, desire, and love.
  • Black Tourmaline: The Black Tourmaline is another excellent stone for protection and grounding. 



  • I deserve happiness and satisfaction in my relationships.
  • I deserve a partner that fulfills my needs and wants.
  • I am growing, loving, and committing to myself First! 
  • I accept myself and open myself up to positive relationships 


Size: This 8oz sized candle carries the beautiful scent of Pink Champagne- self-love and relationship clarity.


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