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Abundance Spiritual Kit


Intention: Tap into a universe full of abundance and opportunity. 


In Hinduism, Lakshmi is the goddess of Prosperity & Abundance, Goddess of beauty, well-being, generosity, charm, wisdom, fertility, and harmony. She represents life's goals to be prosperous both in the spiritual and worldly sense. 

Simply put, Prosperity means you have what you need for yourself and your loved ones. It means that you are not in a state of wanting or greed.  

To participate in this wealth and richness, you need to open your mind to it, feel it, and expect it!    

Kit Includes:
-Abundance Burning Oil 
-One Green Candle 
-One Palo Santo stick 
-Lakshmi Herbal blend
-Ritual instruction 

-Having a rich and full life
-Wealth and good fortune
-To develop an abundance mindset 
-More than enough of whatever you can imagine possible

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