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The Candle of Prosperity is our go-to for success and good fortune. This powerhouse candle will open new doors for you to explore, ones that you might have been afraid to explore previously. You'll find yourself feeling more confident and trusting your gut instinct. It will open up a pathway for money to enter your life and give you more confidence in your decision-making.


It strengthens your faith in the belief that you can attract abundance in every aspect through positive visualization.


Abundance candle is ideal to use during meditation, in office spaces, and at home to keep yourself inspired.



  • Recognizing your true potential and opening yourself up to universal blessings.
  • Setting goals for your spiritual, mental, and physical health.
  • To live a rich and full life.


Crystals Description:

The Abundance candle holds the power of the following crystals. 

  • Tiger's Eye: By promoting self-confidence and inner strength, this stone promotes the traits that help individuals achieve their career goals.
  • Raw Pyrite: This stone helps center the energy in your body and helps increase emotional strength, power to work on your goals, willpower to remain consistent, and the confidence to handle every situation easily.
  • Carnelian: Frustration and anger are commonly felt when working towards your goals. With this stone, you can calm such negative emotions to remain clearheaded.
  • Clear Quartz: This stone stabilizes your emotions, aids in meditation and therapeutic work, and enhances mental clarity so that you can keep your eyes on the prize.

The crystals can be cleaned and saved for personal use after burning the candle.


Affirmation: Money comes to me easily, frequently and effortlessly. 


Size: This 8oz candle is beautifully designed with colorful stones and spreads Lemongrass's fresh, sharp lemon-like scent with a slight hint of exotic ginger.

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