Essential Oils


Creativity | Clarity | Emotional Pain

Scent: Minty, fresh, reminiscent of outdoors 
Blends well with: Peppermint, Cedarwood, Rosemary
Planet: Mercury 
Element: Earth 
Sun Sign: Virgo 
Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus 
Magical properties: Assists in releasing patterns of family and personal karma at a spiritual level. Releases repetitive negative thoughts, mental conflict and thoughts or behavior patterns that no longer serve. Encourages creativity and promotes clarity of thought and mental processes. 

Usage through time: Wintergreen branches were often burnt along with Sweet Sage in shamanic and religious ceremonies to ward against evil spirits. Also, use Rosemary and Cedarwood to ease the pain of headaches and combat intellectual fatigue. 

How to use it today:
-For emotional and spiritual self-development
-To increase understanding of past life experiences

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