Essential Oils


Divination | Regeneration | Love | Protection

Scent: Fresh, minty, sweet 
Blends well with: Patchouli, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Spearmint
Planet: Mercury 
Element: Air 
Sun Sign: Capricorn 
Chakra: Crown 


Energy properties: Protection 

Usage through time: In cooking, foot baths and diluted in a carrier oil for massage. As a remedy for nausea, bad breath, and gingivitis. 

How to use today: 
-Add a few drops to a tissue and inhale to clear the mind
-In divination rituals to enhance effectiveness
-When calling in love
-In healing or manifestation rituals to protect and heal
-In a diffuser or oil burner for direction and mental clarity

*Not to be ingested

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