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Passion + Desire is a potent fragrance oils that can be warmed over a tealight diffuser to perfume your space and anoint your magic candles. Passion + Desire is programmed and formulated with the following intention for Power & Protection.

Aroma: A bouquet of Roses
Size: 1oz

How to Use:

-Choose a high-traffic area with good air circulation; this will help the fragrance dispersal so that the pleasant aroma can effectively fill the room.

-To use an oil burner, place 8-10 drops of the burning oil at the top of the burner, then place a lighted tea light underneath the bowl.

-To anoint candles: dab a bit of oil on top of the wax; use your index finger to spread the oil around the wick before lighting. Remember, in this situation, less is more.  

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