Essential Oils


Clarity | Stimulation | Purification| Protection

Scent: A zesty, fresh, fruity, citrus
Blends well with: Lemon and other citrus oils; Clary Sage and Cedarwood
Planet: Uranus 
Element: Water 
Sun Sign: Pisces 
Chakra: Throat  

Magical properties: It protects the subtle body from psychic attacks. Reassures in times of uncertainty and difficulty, encourages the positive use of the voice, and facilitates loving communication. Stimulates imagination and creativity. Revitalizes tired spirits and bodies. Brings clarity to uncertain situations. 
Usage through time: Lime has been used for culinary purposes for thousands of years. It was kept as a military secret when it was discovered that it prevented scurvy in Sailors due to its high vitamin C content. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties making it a valuable addition to cleaning water for homes and laundry. 

How to use it today:  
-To activate and stimulate the Throat chakra
-To enhance clarity of verbal communication
-To facilitate connection with guides and spirit messengers

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