Essential Oils


Uplifting | Meditation | Charka Balancing | Purification  

Scent: Floral, sweet
Blends well with: Almost any other oil. Try citrus oils and woody scents such as Cedarwood.
Planet: Mercury 
Element: Air 
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Chakra: Heart  

Magical properties: Lavender calls in love. It calms the heart and soothes the mind. It also nurtures and comforts the emotional body and is associated with the maternal influences of the Moon. 
Usage through time: Traditionally used to aid peaceful sleep, Lavender was also used extensively to perfume clothes and linens and repel insects, moths, and other unwanted visitors. Lavender is used today to for purification, protection and for healing rituals.

How to use it today:
-To bring calm and peace at night
-To encourage loving communication and thoughts
-To soothe heartache

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