Essential Oils


Meditation | Centeredness | Concentration | Knowledge

Scent: Sharp, strong, lemony, and earthy
Blends well with: Rosemary, Patchouli, Palma Rosa, and Geranium
Planet: Mercury 
Element: Water 
Sun Sign: Virgo 
Chakra: Crown 

Magical properties: Lemongrass sharpens intuition and opens channels from the logical part of the brain to the intuitive center of the mind.
Usage through time: Lemongrass is deodorizing and antibacterial and has been used in washing water for cleaning clothes, floors, surfaces, and other furniture for many centuries and used in sick rooms to sweeten the air and guard against bacterial and viral infections.  

How to use it today:
-In meditation when asking for next step guidance
-To enhance memory, mental agility, and open psychic channels
-As a stimulating aphrodisiac it can be added to love potions
-To purify ritual tools

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