Essential Oils


Clairvoyance | Aphrodisiac | Grounding

Scent: Herby, woody
Blends well with: Basil, Rosemary 
Planet: Mercury 
Element: Earth 
Sun Sign: Aquarius 
Chakra: Throat 

Magical properties: Grounds and protects both the physical and subtle bodies during meditation and spiritual development work. Clary Sage is associated with deep knowing and inner wisdom. Its aroma uplifts the spirit and helps ground intuition's wisdom into the physical body. 
Usage through time: Clary Sage has been used in blends of oils to improve concentration and deepen self-awareness in rituals throughout history. Clary Sage banishes evil, disperses negative vibrations, and protects the user from the "evil eye." 

How to use it today:  
-In meditation to amplify intuitive energies
-In grounding exercises
-To enhance memory of past life experiences

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