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Aroma: Sweet notes of lavender, hints of minty Eucalyptus, with a deep woody floral scent
Size: 4 oz 


    Description: Incense has thousands of years of history. The modern usage stays true to its roots, and it is used for ceremonies and rituals to ward off evil spirits or purify the air. It has also been used during prayer as an offering in certain traditions and cultures. It is widely believed in certain places that the aroma of certain incense can unlock memories or emotions within your mind, allowing you to achieve a state of inner peace. The offering of the scent for spiritual purposes has existed for as long as anyone can remember.

    Our herbal and resin blends have a carefully blended mix of exquisite woods, spices, and essential oils. When lit, the rich, warm aroma invites you to relax and become present in your body and mind. They also create a peaceful aura in your home and defy gloominess, this can help you concentrate, meditate, and delve deeper within. Burning incense has been used as therapy for hundreds or even thousands of years to help with spiritual growth and relaxation.


    -Create peaceful aura


    -Spiritual Growth & Relaxation

    -Increase focus

    How to use:

    Traditionally it is burned over hot charcoal; once your charcoal is hot, sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse. Let the magic of the smoke find its way to your intentions, letting your thoughts drift into the wave of your newfound inspiration & positivity.

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